What is the best tactical vest for airsoft?

Tactical vests can be an item that is more for the cosmetic side of things and they certainly look the part, but they can also provide some protection and are useful as they can hold more ammunition.  This means that you are not messing around trying to fit your magazines in to your trouser pockets.  So with that in mind, I think they are a good item to have if you are an air softer.  Here’s a list of the best tactical vests for airsoft around at the moment based on looks, protection and storage.

What to look for when buying a tactical vest

As I said before, tactical vests can be more than just giving you that look of being serious about your airsoft!  If you’re going to get one you’ll want to look for the following things so that you’re getting a good and useful vest:

  • Pockets and pouches.  You want enough to be useful but not too much that you are weighed down.
  • Molle system (Modular Lightweight Load-Carrying Equipment) – this is what attaches the pouches to the vest and is a good secure way of carrying.
  • sizing – make sure that it’s either adjustable or is available in a few sizes so it fits well
  • padding – if you want protection look for a vest with padding, but if you’re just wanting storage you might not need this.

Best tactical vest for airsoft – my reviews

Pellor Hunting Tactical Military Airsoft Molle Tactical Assault Plate Carrier Vest With 4 Removable Bags.

Now this is my favourite, it has lots of different variations of camouflage, from tactical black, to digital camo, it comes with 4 ammo pouches, all of them removable, also has a MOLLE design so you have the ability to attach more pouches or something more to your liking. Adjustable height and girth so it can fit different people, also has adjustable shoulders and waist supports.

*Lots of storage.
*Lots of variations.
*MOLLE design so you can fit more pouches.

*Quick release wire system can be uncomfortable


Generic 800D Oxford Cloth Military Tactical Vest With 4 Pouches.

Not a bad vest, with two variations, DPM, and a Tan colour, comes with 4 ammo pouches also comes with a MOLLE design for a multi-purpose use, all pouches detachable as well, also water proof too, the pouches can also fit M4 magazines too.

This comes in one size to one fits chests up to 44 ins and also has a velcro strap to adjust the fitting.

*Enough pouches for you ammunition
*Water proof
* MOLLE design for more pouches

*Some reports stitching and straps are a bit dodgy


TOMOUNT Airsoft Paintball Combat MOLLE Carrier Vest.

This is a good budget vest and has a bit of variation, with a black version, tan, S.W.A.T or light camo.  Again the vest has the MOLLE design on it so you can attach more pouches and also comes with the quick release wire system.  This sometimes can be uncomfortable so might be an idea to remove it if you need to.   The pouches again can fit M4 magazines so if you use magazines that are a similar size they should fit.

Overall, if you’re looking for a good cheap tactical vest for airsoft this one would fit the bill.

*MOLLE design
*Plentiful pouches

*Quick release wire system can be uncomfortable

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