best face mask for airsoft

What is the best face mask for airsoft?

If you are going to go to do airsoft, you are going to need the best airsoft mask, so I have created a list of good protective face masks.

These are some of the tactical face masks (Full face/Half face) that I have found that have really good reviews!

Best face mask for airsoft – my reviews!

1. H&S Metal Mesh Half Face Mask:

This seems to be a very popular mask for people who do airsoft and/or do cosplay or something on the lines of that, this one there is two variations, one with a skull-like paint feature to the mask, and a generic black one. Now the skull-like one is different in shape from the black one, with the black one being more broader at the chin section, and more steeper at the nose section, and with the skull one more steeper at the chin section, and just a little more steeper at the nose section than the black one. From what has been said from other people, it seems to be very strong, yet flexible enough to bend it into place, incase it ever gets delivered bent, or you need it to fit your face better. There is some exposure to the cheek area but not to much that its a big worry, also since its just a half face mask, it means no protection for the eyes so you may need goggles to go with it. Great for new people to airsoft.

* Lightweight
* Durable
* Flexible
* Inexpensive

* Exposer to a part of the cheek area
* May not be comfortable for some people

check this out on Amazon here.


2. DYE Paintball Goggles

Now this one does say goggles and paintball, but don’t be fooled, it is pretty much a full face tactical mask, and can be used for things other than paintball. There is no fog what-so-ever with the thermal lens and a “vent” in front of the mouth for unrestricted breathing, and should be quite comfortable around the eye’s, for the edges of the lenses are padded with foam. It is reliable and strong, and has got good visibility through the lenses, which can be removed for easy cleaning, It is also a airsoft mask that fits over glasses if you have small frames.


* No fogging
* Easy breathing
* Good visibility
* Comfy
* Can be worn with glasses with small frames
* Very durable
* Lenses can be removed and cleaned
* Lots of variations


* Expensive
See this product on Amazon here.

3. ReeBow GEAR Full Face Skull Mask

This mask is another starter mask I would say, I have seen a lot of these tactical full face masks, this one though took my fancy. It has a lot of variations, from a Union Jack coloured mask, to desert camo, so there is a lot of designs to choose from, it is durable but comfy, and there is zero fogging with the mesh lenses, but also means less visibility, fits perfectly to face and little movement while running.


* Lots of variants
* Comfy
* Durable
* Little movement
* No fogging
* Price is mid-range


* Mesh lens means lower visibility


Check out reviews on Amazon here.


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