A beginners guide to starting airsoft

If you are going to be starting airsoft, there is a lot of stuff you should take into consideration, like “Will I like it?” “Where can I play?” “Does it cost much?”  “Does it hurt?” “What clothing should I bring?” Well in this post i will help with some of those points.

1.  “Will I like it?” If you are not sure if you will like, put some money aside to rent a gun out at an airsoft site, they are most likely to have rental guns available, so if you are are not sure, find a site near you and see if they have rental guns there to use to get a feel for it.

2.  “Where can i play?” Now Airsoft guns are not really toys, so you can do “backyard airsofting” but be careful, since they are supposed to look like the real thing, so don’t be surprised if your neighbours call the cops or something if they see some people running around with an M4 and/or an AK. Also for the same reason why i wouldn’t do it at the park, because some people may not realise they are not real and get the armed police on the scene, basically, look for you nearest airsoft site and start off there rather than doing it at your home.

3.  “Does it cost much?” Now, for a good airsoft gun, you are looking at £200 and up for a good one, then you want a good mask (have a look at my post on masks) can be anything from £10 to £100, then you want pads and gloves, which altogether can be be from £43 to £75, then if you want helmets they can be from £30 to £200, so it can be very expensive, but those are the prices you will be looking at if you are looking to do this as a hobby.

4.  “Does it hurt?” Well, this can depend on the distance from you and the weapon, if its close, its most definitely going to hurt more than far away, if you have bare skin showing then it may draw some blood and/or leave a red mark, it basically feels like getting flicked by a rubber band or something like that, it hurts for a second then goes away pretty quick, but if you have thick clothing then it won’t hurt as much. Now the only ways you could break a bone or something along those lines is if you land on something funny or fall over, but don’t worry about that too much, along as you have the right boots on and look where you are going then you should be fine.

5.  “What clothing should I bring?” Now this can depend on where you are airsofting, or what takes your fancy, but lets say that you are going to do some airsoft in the woods, you are going to want some woodland camouflage trousers and what ever else, also a must is some walking boots, especialy if you are running and jumping about in the woods. A camo jacket would be a good idea if you are going to be crawling about in the mud, scarf buff or balaclava something along those lines to protect your face and keep you warm. Hats, now preferably you will want a camouflage hat, but if you can’t find something like that, look for something that would work well in your surroundings, example, woodland you will want an olive drab kind of colour, or sandy kind of environments, you will want a beige or tan colour, urban you will want black or grey, and winter kind of environment you will want white, so just see what works for you.

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